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Does it work to promote yourself well?

This is a series of short quotations from an article that appeared in the Daily Telegraph, September 2005. We copy them here merely as thinking points for people who fear that weak self promotion is holding them back in career terms.  

The issue is how do decent, modest, talented, hardworking people make sure they aren't left behind?
"Those with real intellect and ability are often left by the wayside."
Is this you? Do the flashy types steal opportunities you should have taken or been offered? The Telegraph quotes from extensive research done in Germany showing that
"successful managerial careers depend 10 per cent on performance, 30 per cent on image and style, and 60 per cent on being seen and making an impression. In other words, actual work counts only 10 per cent."
This is nightmare news from people with traditional values and those who do not know how to promote themselves as image. Apparently
"Those at the top or with any kind of power need to decide constantly where they will devote their precious attention. In such a situation, polished self-promoters are at a distinct advantage. With ruthless efficiency, they attract the attention of all those present, pushing aside more modest colleagues."
And so unless your visibility is constantly high, you simply get ignored in our fast moving world.  

Luckily, there are techniques you can adopt, such as this:
"Christine Oettl, author of a book on self-marketing, says this is not necessarily the case. She explains that it is important to let people know what one can do well. Competence and expertise can and should be conveyed by consciously making astute comments at the right time, and ensuring they are heard."
Oh yes? Well if we were all good at that there wouldn't be an issue, would there? Sometimes a person needs an entirely new start in life.  

So, before you read the rest of the article here just bear in mind that we know and have proof over many years that a really good CV can change your self image, boost your confidence, prepare you to perform well at interview and move your career into a new situation with a chance to start again and leave behind the you that was failing.  

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